Célébré en Français

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I was recently honored with two recognitions for my advancements in French, the first being my induction into the French Honor Society at Harvard-Westlake, and the second being my acception of a Gold Award for my high placement in the Grand Concours contest.

First, the French Honor Society.  I was notified that through my high honors status in the HW French program, and my impressive work in language over the course of my studies, I had been admitted into the exclusive French Honor Society. This was a huge privilege and honor, as only a small fraction of the language elite at HW is invited to join. The ceremony consisted of reciting pledges in one’s respective foreign language, listening to teachers speak on behalf of the language department, and the doling out of Senior Language Awards for seniors who have shown exceptional promise in their language studies throughout their high school career. Also, several students performed songs or skits in foreign languages, and all of the songs were absolutely beautiful–while I could not understand them because they were all in different foreign languages, I could appreciate them nonetheless, and I think that is because I have opened my ears (and heart) to the beauty of other cultures through the study of the French language.

Secondly, the Grand Concours. A few months ago, I took the Grand Concours, a national French contest testing students of varying levels of French on their reading and listening comprehension skills. I scored second-highest in my school in my level, 4A, and was ranked 9th in the nation for my division. I was very honored to be invited to Pasadena to attend a reception of these awards with other proficient French students in high school. Of all Harvard-Westlake students in attendance, I was the only one to receive a Gold Award (I assume it meant top 10 nationally), and I felt extremely proud of myself. I received the second highest award given at the ceremony–Gold 4A–and there was only one kid who surpassed me, a senior who had been studying French for 4 years and got a perfect score in the post-AP division, therefore accepting a Platinum 5A. Keep in mind I’ve only been studying French for 2 years! Regardless, I was very excited to receive this award and it has motivated me to continue my joyful pursuit of academic excellence in the field of foreign language, maybe even as a university minor.

Quelle semaine!

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