Chinese Psupp


This year I’ve become a Peer Support trainee, a position I take very seriously and of which I am exceedingly proud.

I help to lead the weekly Peer Support sessions in my group, and this week I was given a very unique opportunity: spread the program to China. Harvard-Westlake had a group of Chinese foreign exchange students on campus this week, and I assume the school knew that a full adaptive immersion into LA/HW culture wouldn’t be complete without Peer Support.

A fellow trainee, Max, and I volunteered to lead the Chinese group session in lieu of our own. A sacrifice, surely, but also a one-of-a-kind experience that resulted from it.

It was very interested to hear about certain cultural subtleties (and not-so-subtleties) in Chinese society, especially for kids my age. While I am not allowed to say anything that happened during session, due to the program’s stress on confidentiality, I can summarize the session to have been a mix of international fraternization and mutual cultural education.

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