Head French Editor Babel 2017

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This year was my first year on Babel as the Head French Editor. Last year, I worked on HW’s foreign literary magazine as simply a French editor, but this year I secured the leadership position of Head French Editor.

I had the responsibilities of reading over the French submissions, correcting their grammar, choosing which to publish in the magazine, and formatting the selected French pieces by male poets.

Also, one of my own poems was chosen for publishing, entitled “Le Choix” [“The Choice”]; it was the only two-page spread in the French section, due to its length. I formatted it in a special way, in two diagonal columns, to play around with the aesthetics of the formatting structure and also to nod to the subject matter of the poem.

I think the magazine turned out beautifully this year, and I am excited to continue as the Head French Editor again next year.

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