HW PoP’s 1st Jamba Juice Fundraiser (May 2017)


I’ve been working with the NPO Pencils of Promise for five years now, organizing fundraisers and coordinating collaborative events and campaigns with higher-ups in the company.

I founded the chapter Pencils of Promise Harvard-Westlake last year, and expanded our fundraisers this year from just Krispy Kreme to include Jamba Juice as well.

The club is now making use of new ways of amassing student donations, including an electronic system that makes the little cash students carry on them obsolete for our purposes. In this fundraiser alone, we amassed $520 from the student body by selling four different flavors of kids’-sized smoothies.

It was a bit tricky to schedule this fundraiser, due to the elusive manager of the California Pavilion location, the suspiciously disconnected phone lines to the four nearest Jamba Juice locations, and the slim donation percentage that Jamba Juice grants to the charity of the patron’s choosing. However, apart from all of the obstacles–including scheduling, purchasing, confirming the deal, reorganizing the smoothies to avoid homogenous sales of one flavor per huge box, and having to run the operation remotely, as I was at CIF finals during the event–we overcame it and the fundraiser turned out to be a success. The only hitch was that some customers reported to me that by the end of the fundraiser, some of the smoothies were warm and thus unsatisfying. To fix this issue in the future, I’ll have to put the smoothies in the future sooner (i.e. ask the Jamba Juice to package the smoothies heterogeneously so I don’t have to spend a ton of time reorganizing them outside of the icebox), and time their removal from the icebox in a more calculated manner.

This has significantly increased our net donation profit this year from approximately $600 (2015-16) to over $1300 (2016-17). I’m extremely proud of the progress we’ve made, and I intend to continue leading this club next year as the chairman with my two new recently-appointed, well-deserving co-presidents, Ryan and Chase.

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