Playwrights’ Festival 2017

ft poster

This year was the second in which I submitted a one-act play to HW’s annual Playwrights’ Festival, open to all student writers, grades 10-12.

Last year, my one-act “Amigos” was not chosen for production, but this year, my new play “FaceTime” was! FaceTime explores the generational gap between people my age and people my parents’ age, showing how differently the two groups of people deal with advancements in technology, especially when they come into contact with human emotion–i.e. in the case of long-distance relationships. It was initially extremely weird to see a tale so intimate and autobiographical shown onstage to hundreds of audience members, friends and strangers alike. Though after all, if you write what you know and your story becomes popular, that’s the reality of a goal to which you must accustom yourself.

It was professionally directed by a stage actor from New York, and acted out by three HW students. The process was insanely exciting for me, even though I was restricted from seeing most of the rehearsals and barred from giving the actors any direction.

I watched FaceTime’s two shows this past weekend, and jumped onstage afterwards to give the signature playwright’s bow as an ensemble cast.

I learned a ton about the writing process throughout all this, including what it takes to write lines that will translate nicely to the stage, and it has motivated me even more fervently to write again next year. It has even inclined me to narrow my college search to those that have prominent writing and English programs.

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