Writopia Lab Internship



This past summer, I went job searching for the first time. Or maybe not ‘job’-searching per se, but rather internship-searching. I spent weeks online applying to internships around LA, in fields ranging from software programming to SAT tutoring. I had interviews with a few different companies, but fell in love with only one: Writopia Lab.

Writopia Lab has locations all over the US, and basically what they offer is writing workshops for kids and teens of all ages. Excited to try and get a job with Writopia, I created my first ever résumé and sent it over to a woman at Writopia named Jan. After receiving my application, we scheduled a phone call interview and I told her how passionate I am about English as well as teaching younger kids (i.e. my tennis job).

She thought I was a good fit for the internship position, and so she gave me two weeks I could come in during the summer to work. Essentially I facilitated two 3-hour workshops a day under an actual Writopia teacher. The first week, I led workshops in  Graphic Novel Storytelling and Poetry, teaching 7-year-olds in the morning and teenagers in the afternoon. The second week, I led a workshop in Screenwriting and Filmmaking, in which I helped a group of teens write, direct, and film their own entire short film. With each workshop, I served as an intermediary between the students and the teacher, and did my own significant part in leading the students through writing exercises.

It was an amazing experience, and one of the most fulfilling of my life. I even had time to start working on a new one-act of mine during the free-write periods! This internship showed me how dedicated I am to helping other people find joy and love in English and writing, a subject which has always captivated me.

I hope to work with Writopia Lab next summer or some other time in the near future! I am extremely lucky to have been given this wonderful opportunity.


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