Yearbook Campus Spotlight Feature


The annual yearbook just came out, and I saw that I was featured on an entire page! Quite the honor, of which I was extremely excited and proud.

I was given a campus spotlight this year, and there was a 1-page spread dedicated to me. What’s a campus spotlight? Each year, one member from each campus (Lower 7-9, Upper 10-12) is chosen to represent their campus on a leadership level, based on a general consensus as to someone whose peers all find that they assume a significant leadership role in the community and in their respective lives. A freshman girl was chosen for Campus Spotlight this year, and I, a sophomore, was chosen to represent the Upper School.

This was a huge honor for me because often the people chosen for Spotlights are upperclassmen of their campuses, so usually a freshman and a senior, but I was chosen as the youngest member of my campus. This must have showed that my classmates of all ages saw that I had exemplary leadership qualities, and very generously chose to honor me for them.

Four friends of mine said kind quotes about me in this page, two sophomores and two seniors. The age difference of the people quoted, I find, shows the impact I’ve made not only on the peers of my age group, but also on my peers in all grades, even those significantly older than myself. I love that the Upper Campus has given me the opportunity to branch out and become friends with kids older than me, who can influence me for the better, and apparently whom I can likewise influence.

Thanks to the Yearbook staff for this tremendous recognition!

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